RKIMT is a consultancy firm, which provides expert advice in a particular area such as Education, Study Visa, Work Permit Visas, PR Immigration, Attestation and other professional specialized fields. With more than 15 years of invaluable experience in the field we have been dedicated to guiding students towards their academic aspirations, offering comprehensive assistance for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our commitment to excellence has helped countless students embark on successful educational journeys.

Study Abroad : Our expertise extends beyond domestic education. We specialize in Study visa and Study Abroad services, catering to students’ aspirations for international education in coveted destinations such as Canada, Australia, UK, US,  European and more. Our tailored guidance ensures that students can navigate the complexities of studying abroad with confidence, from application processes to visa requirements.

Work Permit:  RKIMT boasts extensive experience in facilitating work permits , across various nations. Whether it’s the New Zealand, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries or beyond, our team offers comprehensive support to individuals seeking employment opportunities abroad. We streamline the process, making it seamless for our clients to pursue their professional aspirations globally.

Visa & Immigration: RKIMT serves as a one-stop destination for all visa and immigration needs. From work visas to tourist visas, spouse visas, PR, study visa and more, we provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the application process. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of visa requirements, ensuring smooth and hassle-free experiences for our clients. Whether it’s PR filing or study visa applications, we are here to simplify the journey towards achieving your immigration goals.


To provide an educational consultant portal where students can share their educational problems and find the best solutions without any obstacles.

The mission of the RKIMT is to provide knowledge to students about the get admission in reputed educational institutions, universities and colleges in India and overseas. We also deliver a safe, secure, affordable, and top-ranked educational consultant services for students who want to complete their dropout/breaking studies from renowned universities to get their degree in fast track mode.


Our Goals


  • Help to counsel individual and professionals to complete their dropout studies from recognized educational institutions.
  • Provide graduation in one year, degree in one year, fast track courses and single sitting graduation programs to save gap years.
  • Ease transition to the university experience
  • Encourage student engagement for intellectual and personal growth
  • Help students clarify their educational and career goals
  • Assist students in developing and implementing an educational plan
  • Teach students to use resources and relationships to maximize their educational and personal potential
  • Help students understand the nature, purpose, and potential of higher education
  • Promote continuous improvement of the advising process through ongoing assessment, development & training