Graduation in one year or Degree in one year is a program for those student who have discontinued and drop out the 1st year, 2nd and 3rd years of the courses from the colleges or university in between of the study.

Student can apply for degree courses like Ba in one year, in one year, BBA in one year, BCA in one year, BSC in one year, B tech in one year, MBA in one year, MCA in one Year, MSC in one year, Ma in one year, in one year etc. by lateral entry program.

Students can complete their degree or graduation in One Year from UGC Recognized University. There are number of universities which give chance to students to take admission in degree in one year program by lateral entry. Student can have many more choices to decide in his/her career after completing graduation. There is always a way to earn more once you are graduate and do your post graduate degree for promotion in your career ahead.

After reading the title you may have got a clear idea about what we are going to talk about in this column. Yes! There is a chance for you to complete your Graduation or Post-Graduation in one year. Sounds too good to be true right? There are thousands of students who are looking for options out there to save their gap years and complete their studies through Single Sitting Examinations.

Well, as the name suggests Degree in one year or Graduation or Post-Graduation in one year is a program where students can restart their studies right from where they had left. There are plenty of students out there who have failed in their graduation exams or due to any personal constraints they have to leave their studies but in this fast pace era, one must have the required qualification to get better job opportunities or to succeed in their career. So, This Degree in one year or Graduation in one year program will help you to achieve your respective target.

To get enrolled in Degree in a one-year program, students should be having:

Gap in studies. Failed in graduation 1st year, 2nd or Final.

or due to personal constraints couldn't continue higher education.

We are here to help the students to achieve their dreams. Discontinued studies or gap years can be a huge barrier in your career, to get better job opportunities people need to have the required education as well but due to time, situation, financial crises or any personal constraints student fails to complete their education. Now, you have the opportunity to complete your degree in one year or Graduation in one year without any trouble and can save your gap years through govt. approved institutions.

The concept of Degree in one year or Graduation in one year is not new, it's been there for so many long years but people were and still are not aware of the concept of saving their gap years or single sitting examination. People are not aware that they can avail themselves of this facility of getting the Degree in one year or Graduation in one year opportunity to make their future brighter.

Go Ahead and avail the facility to complete your Degree in one year or Graduation in one year with us

A student who has discontinued his/her education and must have an academic gap of at least 3 years after his/her intermediate (12th) and Discontinued 1st and 2nd Year From UGC Recognise Universities can apply for one sitting examination.

Under Graduation in one year means that 3 years course will get completed in one year by giving all exams in one sitting only.

Yes, it is completely valid if you have valid Credits.

If a student has done 1st and 2nd year from a university then he/she can take direct admission in 3rd year which can be used as credit transfer.

Break in studies means Earlier you took admission in UGC Recognize Universities and Drop Out from the course.