Universities and Colleges in Ambala | Degree in One Year


Top Universities and Colleges in Ambala:

1. MM Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology – [MMICT & BM], Ambala
2. Maharishi Markandeshwar – [MMU], Ambala
3. Lala Ami Chand Monga Memorial College of Education, Ambala
4. Lord Krishna College of Education – [LKCOE], Ambala
5. Maa Bala Sundri College of Education, Ambala
6. Sohan Lal DAV College of Education, Ambala
7. Mata Shanti Devi Memorial College of Education for Women, Ambala
8.  Shivalik College of Education, Ambala
9.  Hindustan Institute of Technology and Management – [HITM], Ambala
10. Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Ambala
11. Shri Atmanand Jain Institute of Management and Technology – [AIMT], Ambala
12. Guru Nanak Institute of Technology – [GNI], Ambala
13. Kalpi Institute of Technology – [KIT], Ambala
14.  ICL Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ambala
15.  EMax Group of Institutions – [EMGOI], Ambala
16.  Maharishi Markandeshwar Engineering College – [MMEC], Ambala
17.  Shree Ram Mulkh Institute of Engineering and Technology – [SRMIET], Ambala
18.  ICL Institute of Management and Technology, Ambala
19.  E-Max School of Engineering and Applied Research, Ambala
20.  Galaxy Global Imperial Technical Campus, Ambala
21.  Arya Girls College, Ambala
22.  Gandhi Memorial National College – [GMN], Ambala
23.  MDSD Girls College, Ambala
24.  S.A Jain College, Ambala
25.  Sanatan Dharam College – [SDC], Ambala
26.  ICL Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology – [ICLIHMCT], Ambala
27.  MM College of Pharmacy, Ambala
28.  ICL Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, Ambala
29.  DAV College, Ambala
30.  Surya College of Education, Ambala
31.  Maharishi Markandeshwar sadopur Campus – [MMU], Ambala
32.  Maharishi Markandeshwar College of Dental Sciences and Research, Ambala
33.  Government Post Graduate College, Ambala
34.  Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences & Research – [MMIMSR], Ambala
35.  Maharishi Markandeshwar, Department of Law, Ambala
36.  MM Institute of Computer Technology & Business Management – [MMICT & BM], Ambala
37.  MM Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – [MMIPR], Ambala
38.  Maharishi Markandeshwar College of Nursing – [MMCON], Ambala
39.  Indian Institute of Fashion Art – [IIFA], Ambala
40.  Om Sai Para Medical College – [OSPMC], Ambala
41.  Ambala Institute of Hotel Management – [AIHM], Ambala
42.  Government Polytechnic College, Ambala
43.  Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic for Women -[KCGPW], Ambala
44.  ICL Group of Colleges, Ambala

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