Universities and Colleges in Karnal, Haryana | Degree in One Year


Karnal is one of the oldest cities of Haryana, and also known as the rice bowl of India. There are number of engineering & technology, management, medical, ITI, polytechnic colleges which offers all under graduate and post graduate programmes. There are few research institutions also available in Karnal. Here are the list of best colleges and institutions in Karnal:


  • Kalpana Chawla University of Health Sciences Kutail, Karnal

Engineering & Technology Colleges:

  • Doon Valley Institute of Engineering and Technology, Karnal
  • Madhav College of Technology and Management, Karnal
  • Leads International Institute of Engineering and Technology, Karnal
  • Galaxy Institute of Technology and Management, Karnal
  • Mangalmay Institute of Engineering and Technology, Karnal
  • JK Institute of Management and Technology, Karnal
  • Sh Guru Har Krishan Institute of Management and Technology, Karnal
  • Doon Valley College of Engineering, Karnal
  • Apex Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) Indri, Karnal

Management Colleges:

  • SS College of Management, Karnal
  • Vinayak Institute of Management, Karnal
  • Budha College of Management, Karnal

Medical Colleges:

  • Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal
  • RP Inderaprastha Institute of Medical Sciences Bastara, Karnal
  • Adesh Para Medical College

Polytechnic Colleges:

  • Green Wood Polytechnic, Karnal
  • Vinayak college of polytechnic, Karnal
  • Rajdhani Polytechnic College, Karnal
  • Karnal Institute of Polytechnic, Karnal
  • SS College of Polytechnic Newal, Karnal

ITI Colleges:

  • Govt. Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Karnal
  • Industrial Training Institute ITI Women, Karnal
  • Wonder Velley Private ITI Bara Gaon, Karnal
  • BBN Private ITI, Karnal
  • Guru Brahmanand Private ITI Raipur Roran, Karnal
  • Sant Nikka Singh Private ITI, Karnal
  • Shardhanand Private ITI, Karnal
  • Golden Valley Private ITI Gheer, Karnal
  • Ladies Industrial Home Sewa Samiti Private ITI, Karnal

Education Colleges:

  • Dr Ganesh Dass DAV College of Education for Women, Karnal
  • Budha College of Education, Karnal
  • Doon Valley Institute of Education, Karnal
  • Himachal Pradesh College of Education, Karnal
  • Shri Sant Ram College of Education SSR Kachhwa, Karnal
  • Minerva College of Education Taraori, Karnal
  • Arya Kanya Gurukul College of Education, Karnal
  • Pratap College of Education, Karnal
  • Himalaya College of Education, Karnal
  • Shri Krishna College of Education, Karnal
  • District Institute of Education and Training, Karnal
  • Karnal College of DEd, Karnal
  • Tagore College of Education, Karnal
  • Guru Brahmanand College of Education, Karnal
  • Shri Guru Ram Das Institute of Education, Karnal
  • Budha College of Higher Education, Karnal

Degree Colleges:

  • Dyal Singh College, Karnal
  • Government Post Graduate College, Karnal
  • Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Karnal
  • Kumari Vidyavati Anand DAV College for Women, Karnal
  • Mata Sundri Tri-Shatabdi Khalsa College for Women, Karnal
  • DAV College, Karnal
  • Government College for Women, Karnal

Pharmacy Colleges:

  • Gandhi College of Pharmacy (GCP), Karnal
  • Doon Valley Institute of Pharmacy and Medicine
  • Keshav College of Pharmacy
  • R.P. Inderaprastha Institute of Technology – RPIIT

Research Institutes:

  • Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Karnal
  • National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
  • Regional Research Station, Karnal

Other Educational Institutions:

  • Doon Valley Institute of Computer Application, Karnal
  • Naraini Group of Institutions, Karnal
  • Doon Valley Group of Institutes, Karnal
  • RP Educational Trust Group of Institutions, Karnal
  • Budha Group of Institutions (BGI), Karnal
  • Budha College of Architecture, Karnal
  • MM Group of Institutions, Karnal
  • Pre Examination Training Centre, Karnal
  • Horticulture Training Institute Uchani, Karnal
  • Govt GNM Training School, Karnal
  • MSME Development Institute, Karnal
  • Apex Group of Institutions, Karnal